Monday, September 28, 2015

Transfers, Staying in Leiden!

Hallo! GoedeMorgen, GoedeMiddag en alles!! This week was an awesome one! Saw the Lord's hand more than anything this week! Had Zone Training this last week and had a lot of success and had some sad parts of this week, but it truly was an awesome week for sure! Transfers are in, and I am staying right here in Leiden with Elder Woltjen! He also just became District Leader! SO really excited for this upcoming transfer!

Elder Woltjen and I hit the contacting really hard this week! We knew we would have to drop some investigators, so we went out to go find some more potentials and we ended up dropping about 4 investigators.. but we ended up finding 10 potentials this week! so that was a huge blessing and miracle that we saw!! SO hopefully out of those ten we get some new investigators! 

Our investigator Maneer Van Heyst is really progressing, we just taught him the 3rd lesson and he is really receptive and a very humble man! We invited him to be baptized and he didn't want to be on a date until he fully knew if baptism is right and is the next step for him, so hopefully this next week he will know that he needs to take this next step and become baptized! Can't wait to see how he grows and his decision! 

Zone Training was really awesome this past week! We learned so much on how we need to be confident with ourselves and with our Faith! Confidence is key! We also need to learn how to be good Listeners! sometimes all we need to do is just listen! and also how missionaries need to be like ants because they are Organized, Unselfish and United, Have Discipline, Great Planners, Persistent, Hardworking, Teamwork, and we are all ants farming for our dreams! and how we all have our talents and gifts and we need to use them and it will truly benefit those around us!

Elder Bishesar said a quote to me and it really touched me, especially for being out in the mission for just over a month. He said ' Use your stumbling blocks that you have on your mission and make them building blocks! ' I thought was awesome and was so true, even though we stumble, we have a Heavenly Father that is there for us to pick us up and help us make building blocks! I love this Work and the Gospel! Hope Everything goes well for everyone this week! Talk to you all soon! Enjoy Conference and truly listen to what our Prophet and Apostles say! 

Love Elder Morey! 

Windmill at Zuiderzee

Wearing some Klompen!!!!

Elder Harrop from Weber High My Twin!!!!

Beautiful Neighborhood in Voorschoten South of Leiden

How My Badge Looks On Most Days

John's House For Lunch (Jazz Fan!!)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Goedemorgen iedereen! Good morning everybody!

This week in Leiden was a slow one! We didn't see too much success! We had a lot of our investigators drop appointments on us! so that is kinda why it was a slow week and we didn't find that many people this week.. But this week is a new week and I am excited for this week and hopefully we can get an investigator on a baptismal date!

The start of my week on Tuesday we had District meeting in Haarlem, then I went on exchanges with Elder Harrop in Haarlem for that day! It was a great and fun time! Haarlem is a really cool city! and Elder Harrop is from Weber! His cousin is Branson Harrop! so I thought that was really cool! and We are both redheads! so what are the chances! Me and him are like brothers! It is pretty funny how much a like we are!  SO this past week was my 1 month in the land anniversary! It is crazy how I have been here a month already and am almost done with my first transfer! I am really hoping I stay here in Leiden with Elder Woltjen!

Our Investigators are doing well, we have two that are progressing! The others we need to make appointments with them and they need to stop cancelling on us! that is frustrating in the Mission! is when an investigator calls and cancels or they just aren't home and forgot! but we just have to keep making an effort to show that we care and want them to know of the truth that we teach and share with people! SO hopefully this week goes better! and Elder Woltjen and I think that we can get Maneer Van Heyst on a baptismal date! so we will see how that goes on Friday!

I am so excited for these upcoming weeks! We have zone training here soon this week! then General Conference will be the following week! for some reason I am excited to see who the next two apostles are! I think Whitney L. Clayton and Elder Rasband are the next Apostles! SO if that happens you heard it from me! Then we have temple Conference that next week! I am so excited to go to the Zoetermeer temple! I love the TEMPLE! I love the blessing that it is in my life and grateful for the blessing that I get from hearing the apostles speak to us! I know that if we listen to them we will receive guidance in our lives and I know that they are called of God and help us through there talks! I am grateful for missionary work and know that this gospel and church is true! I will talk to you all soon! Ik hou van Jullie (I Love You)! Tot ziens!

Elder Noah Morey

Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen

Touring and eating Frites!!!

Boat Ride at the Museum

Elder Neptune

Centrum in Enkhuizen

Enjoying some Ijsje (Ice Cream)!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Belgium Trip was Bomb!!!!!

GoedeMiddag! I had another great and hardworking week! Have District Meeting this week Tuesday and I realized that it was in the city of Haarlem! and if you have seen the movie The Best Two Years, This is the city that it is filmed in! and We have our Meeting in the church building in the movie! So if you ever watch it on a Tuesday, I am sitting in that church having a District Meeting! hahah! So just a quick update on the investigators! When Elder Woltjen and I came into the city we had only 2 investigators, Now from this past week we are now up to 8 investigators! so We have found 6 investigators in 3 weeks! President said that was a Leiden record he thinks!!

Out of the 8 investigators we have 2 are progressing very well, Frits and Maneer Van Heyst! They both are so close to Baptism! SO hopefully everything continues to go well with these two! We found a new investigator this week named Deborah! she investigated the Church 9 years ago and is willing to take the lessons again and she still has her Het Boek van Mormon from 9 years ago! So me and Elder Woltjen are excited to begin teaching her again! It is always good to find a person who is excited to be taught!

Went on Exchanges again this week with Elder Strikwerda! He is the funniest and coolest Elder! we always have a great time in Den Haag working together! We always run into the craziest people in Den Haag for some reason! But the next day was my Belgium Trip!! This place is absolutely gorgeous and just and amazing place! I had to go for my residency there and apply for it! so in 2 weeks I think I am heading back to pick it up! For Pday we are going to this place called the zuiderzee museum, it is an old dutch town and should be pretty cool!

I am super excited for this week and for all the teaching we are going to be doing! I hope and pray that our investigators will feel the Spirit and know that what we teach them is true and they can know for themselves the blessing and comfort that they will feel from this Gospel! I know that our Heavenly Father loves all of his children and wants the best for us. He wants to communicate with us everyday and I know that pray is real and works. I see my prayers answered everyday. I am so grateful for all the blessings that I see on my Mission and in my life! I know this church is true an that the Book of Mormon and the Bible together is the fulness of the gospel and the woord van god! talk to you all soon! Tot Ziens! 

Elder Noah Morey
Elder Croft and I in Belgium

Brussell's Central Station

Architecture in Brussell's is Amazing!!!! 

Elder Higham

Amazing Place

This waffle has changed my life!!!!

Mitrailette (Famous in Brussell's) for Dinner - Yummy!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's all about the WORK!!!

GoedeMorgen familie en vrienden! I had a great and of course another wet week! It does nothing but rain here in the fall and in the winter! but I have to get use to it! Haha I have some great stories of some crazy things! The work has been very slow this week but, it was a lot better than last week! we found some potential investigators and 2 new investigators! there names are Gabby(18) and Jason(17)! they are a couple in College that hang out with a kid name Jordan in our ward that is going to webster university here in Leiden! They came to church and felt good about it, but we need to start teaching them this upcoming week! Hopefully that goes well!!

This week Elder Woltjen and I are teaching this girl named Tessa, she is dating this guy named John and he is a member in our ward. He fell away for a little while and got into some things that he regrets, but we are helping both of them. Tessa is going to be baptized!! Her and John just have to get married first! SO that is awesome!! And we have to help them quit smoking! We are almost there!
Then there is FRITS! He has been an investigator in the church for 3 years and his next step is baptism, he just has some things that he is struggling with in his life, like finding work and trying to have him and his girlfriend to get married! so he said he would be baptized when his life isn't to chaotic, but we know he needs to take this next step of faith! So we are working with Frits!

One of the potentials we found this week was some dude that we found near our apartment! I knocked on this door and a guy answered the door.. he was wearing a white shirt with red underwear on, smoking a cigar! it was flippin hilarious! I asked him if he was religious,( bent u geloofig) and he just looked at me and took a puff of his cigar and looked at me and I just laughed and said ' SO nee ja?' but we talked to him and got his information and he had a little interest so we will see how that turns out! haha!!

I am going to Belgium this Friday!!! going to Brussels for a trip to get our residency there if we ever end up serving there! I am so excited!! I will take a lot of pictures!! everyone says its a boring trip because its just all legality stuff and we don't get to see the city or travel around, but we are going in a couple weeks to get shown around and try real Belgium chocolate and waffles!!

I love being able to serve in Leiden! I truly have seen why I have been called here! I love the Ward here! I am building so many relationships with all of them! they are so loving and have an amazing spirit! I learn so much from them language and Spiritual wise! I am grateful for all the blessings that I receive from my Heavenly Father! I feel those blessings each and every day! I love studying from the Scriptures and from Preach my Gospel! I learn something new every time I read and study them! I know that this Gospel is great blessing in our lives! and that our Heavenly Father guides us everyday! and that he loves each and everyone of us! I love this work and know that it is truly helping me and those around me! This Gospel is true!! thanks for all your support and prayers for me!! Talk to you all soon! Tot ziens!! Love you all!!

Elder Noah Morey

Church in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Central Train Station

Looking down the Centrum in Amsterdam

Windmill in Leiden

Looking down the Centrum in Leiden

Oldest Church in Leiden

Rainy Day Look

Elder Strikwerda and Me at the beach in Den Haag!
Cool Car!!!