Monday, December 28, 2015

Hope You Have A Happy 2016!!!

Goedemorgen everyone!! Well as you all know this week was super awesome and very busy! Best part was Christmas! Being able to Skype home was amazing! It made my Christmas for sure! This week we spent a lot time with members, if you ever knock on doors here during Christmas, the Dutch People get very angry because you are bothering them on there day of relaxing with their family, so we tried our hardest to spend Christmas with our Investigators and Members!

I don't have too much to talk about because as I said we spent this week mainly with Investigators and Members, but I had some really cool experiences with some members! We went to Familie Prosman for Christmas Eve and they had a nice little spiritual program for us and it was a very special and spiritual experience! We all sang some Christmas Hymns, and then lit candles on a tree and said things we were thankful for and what we hoped for going into the new 2016 year! It was really cool and spiritual!

Well I hope everyone has there New Years Resolutions ready for the new year!;) It is crazy how fast time flies and how we think about the year and how it was to us and how we thought it went, I think of 2016 and think about how I get to serve the Lord for 1 year! I am super excited to devote a whole year to the Lord's service! I am grateful for all the mission oppurtunites that I get each and every day! I am grateful for all the spiritual growth that I have and will have in the coming year!

I love you all and wish you all a Happy New Years! Thank you for all that you do for me! Have a great New years!

Love Elder Morey!

Lighting Candles on Familie Prosman Christmas Tree!!

Mama Prosman

Christmas Morning with Elder Bruneau!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning!!!!

We had the opportunity to Skype with Noah today and it was so incredible to see him and be able to talk to him for 90 minutes.  He has grown so much in less than six months on his mission!!!! I am posting the last five minutes of our conversion with his testimony in Dutch.  There wasn't a dry eye in the room the Spirit was so strong.  We are so blessed to be a part of this experience that is changing all of our lives.  Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Holiday Season!!


The Morey's

Noah's Testimony in Dutch

Monday, December 21, 2015


Well Everyone! like the subject says Merry Christmas!!! Crazy how it is already Christmas!! well as you all know I am now in the city of Den Haag! I am loving this city already and I have only been here for about 4 days! in those 4 days we taught a lot of lessons and also had a Baptism!!! Which was a super cool experience!!

Well it was for sure a little bitter sweet to leave Leiden, but it was time for me to work in a new city! I was super excited to hear that I was going to Den Haag, and that my comp would be Elder Bruneau! He is super awesome and a hardworking Elder, we get along really well!

This week we had the chance to have a baptism Saturday! It was super cool experience, her name is Loreen and she is 45 and also was pregnant with twins! It was super amazing to see her faith and being Baptized! The ward here is amazing! They are so supportive in missionary work and help the missionaries so much! I am super excited for this transfer and excited to work with Elder Bruneau!

I am so grateful for this beautiful time of season, everytime I think of the Savior and his birth I think of John 3:16 16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.and how we know that the greatest gift we have ever recieved is our Savior! I am so grateful for the relationship that I have with my Savior and how Personal it is for every person! I hope everyone has a great Christmas this year and thinks more about our Savior! I love you all! and will talk to you soon!!

Love You

Elder Noah Morey

Den Haag!!!!!

Loreen Baptism!!!!

New Companion Elder Bruneau from Boise Idaho
A Little Biking Accident!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Getting Transfered

Hey!! So I am emailing you really quick to tell you that I got a call Sunday, and I am being Transferred to the city of Den Haag!! It is a big city! My companion will be Elder Bruneau! I am excited for this next upcoming city and new challenge in my mission! I will let you know next P-day, which will be Monday again, So tell everyone that my P day is back to Monday! I will let you know what time I will be skyping you next week! and quick little update on me, I am doing a lot better and am back out contacting! Thank you for all that you do! I will talk to you soon! 

I love you all!!

Elder Noah Morey

Sunset with Leiden Windmill

Posing on a Bridge in Leiden

Elder De Witt and I are ready for Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Being Sick is Dumb!!!!

Goedemiddag! Well this week was for sure a rough one! I woke up on Monday and started feeling my throat going to crap.. SO I started freaking out and saying no I am not getting sick. Well the next day was Zone Conference and let me just tell you the Conference was amazing! I learned a whole lot, especially on a new way to teach the lessons!

After I got home from Zone Conference I didn't feel good at all, I called President and told him that I was sick and he told me to stay in bed until I begin to feel better, so I went into hibernation for these past days.. It has been the hardest week of my whole mission, not because I was sick, because I felt that I was pointless in the apartment and that I could be doing a lot better things then sitting here in the apartment.. But Things happen for a reason.

Being sick has made me realize how important the work is to me. I have missed doing missionary work.. I never realized it until I was sitting there telling myself, man being in bed sucks, I miss being a missionary! But I know I will get better here really soon and be back out there! Don't freak out Mom, I am fine!

I am sorry the email is so short, but thank you all for all that you do! I feel your love and prayers each and every day!

I love you all!

Elder Noah Morey

Zone Conference Pictures

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Do They Know its Christmas time??

Goedemiddag!! This week was a really fast and awesome week here in Leiden! It is crazy how fast time flies when you are losing yourself in the work! The most exciting thing about this week for Leiden probably was that we have two new investigators! SO we are super excited to see how our investigators do with these upcoming weeks! I also hope everyone at home has all there Christmas Decorations up and are ready for Christmas!!

Well I will start off by talking about how our investigators are doing, we looked up one of our investigators Deborah this week and we found out that her Grandma had just died.. She was very shaken up by it and hopefully we will teach her and help her with what she is in need of. Our new investigator named Nico is a really cool guy, he has the craziest thinking process on how different things can go in separate ways. But he is really always saying he wants to believe and feels that he is always investigating for the truth! SO hopefully he will really read the Book of Mormon and Pray!

We are super excited for this upcoming week and really hoping that we will continue to have success finding and also teaching! We are going to be meeting with Frits this week and we are excited to talk to him about how he can get himself to baptism! SO hopefully everything goes well with him! I am super excited to see the work continue to grow here in Leiden!

I hope everyone back home will have a great week and will have a great holiday season! I am thankful for all of your prayers and all that you do for me! I will talk to you all here next week!! 

Love you all! 

Elder Noah Morey

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Can Begin!!

Goedemorgen everyone!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate a whole bunch of food and had a great time with family! and also shout out to Bishop, Happy Birthday! Nothing to much happened this week, but it for sure was a solid week of missionary work, and of course Thanksgiving was this week!!

Elder De Witt and I went on a finding and teaching spree this week! We have found a bunch of potentials so we are so stoked to see how it goes with all of them! We ended up teaching a Restoration lesson on the door and it was hilarious because when the lady said yes that we could teach a quick message, we were both just stunned. So we taught her on the door and it was super cool!

Our investigators are doing well, we didn't get the chance to meet with Frits or Deborah this week, they were both very busy with work and other family things. But this week we got a new investigator named Tom, he is an Atheist but he is very open to always learn more, and we had a nice little conversation with him and taught him the Restoration, so it was an awesome teaching week for us in Leiden!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was with a nice old Dutch couple named Familie Prins, we had some soup and bread and had to finish the night off with some fla for dessert(which is dutch pudding) It was nice and simple, I truly was thankful for all my blessings that I have received since being on my mission, it is crazy how if you just look for the small and simple blessings, they can just have a huge impact on you!

Well hopefully here in Leiden we have another great week, I love being in this area so much! I can't wait to see how all of our potentials turn out. Well now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas season, can now officially begin!! I am so excited for this upcoming Christmas! It for sure will be a different one, but will also be a memorable one! I hope all is well back home and that everyone will have a great week! 

I love you all!

Elder Noah Morey

Thanks Mom & Britton!!!!!

The beach in Katwijk!

Me and Elder De Witt

Old Protestant Kerk (Church) in Katwijk

Exchanges with Elder Groesbeck in Haarlem

Monday, November 23, 2015


Goedemiddag everyone!! Well this week was for sure a great one and a crazy one also!! First an update on what is all going on in Belgium with Terrorism, I and the other missionaries are all safe and still progressing in the work! The work in Leiden is going great! It truly is starting pickup!

Well this week was also the Turkey Bowl for the Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Rotterdam Zones. There was about 70 missionaries that went to this event, and let me say it was super cold and windy and we missionaries had a blast! I wish I had taken a picture of my hand that was super bloody, I caught a touchdown and when I landed on the ground, I landed on a cone and it cut my hand pretty good! SO blood is always good! and I also sprained my left shoulder, so it was a successful year!! 

Well I would like to talk about how we did this week with our investigators and with finding a lot of potential investigators! Elder De Witt and I had the chance to teach Frits a lesson this week and it went really well and we got talking with him and he said he really wants to become baptized, but he feels that he needs to get his life more financially set, so that he can feel better about becoming baptized! So hopefully here soon he will find a better job and feel more set. I went on Exchanges with an Elder this week named Elder Clukey. Me and Elder Clukey went to this area in Leiden called Oegstgeest and contacted there for about 40 minutes and found two potentials!! Then we had to go to the office because Elder Andrew was alone and we had to be his companion.  Elder Clukey and I just thought how crazy it was that we were there for such a short of a time and were able to find two people! Crazy how the Lord works in just short of a time! 

This week in Church was the Primary Program for the Leiden Wijk (District)! and I loved it so much! It was such a simple program but was so powerful! There isn't that many kids in the ward, but having them sing all those primary songs was a really a testimony builder for me and also for all those in the Ward! You saw how it all touched there hearts and how much it meant to the ward members and too the kids also! Crazy how sometimes we are being taught by the little kids!

Well Thanksgiving is this week!! So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home!! I hope you all stuff your faces with lekker (good) food and het smaak so veel (it tastes so wonderful)! and also to reflect on truly how we are blessed with so many things in this life and that THANKSGIVING has such a great meaning, and that we will come to truly know the meaning of Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a Great and Happy Thanksgiving! 

I Love you all!

Elder Noah Morey

Exchanges with Elder Bishesar in Voorhout

In the office with Elders Andrew and Clukey
Den Haag Zone Conference

Bloody Shorts from the Turkey Bowl!!!!
Making Bishop Hansen Proud!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Lord works in crazy ways!

Goedemiddag (Good Afternoon)!! It was a crazy week with Transfers going on, and getting my new companion Elder De Witt! Crazy that I have to teach Elder De Witt the area! It is weird that I am not a greenie anymore! Had the chance to speak in church this Sunday! and also had a truly amazing experience!

First off about Elder De Witt and I! We get along so well, he is from Connecticut and has been on his mission for a little over a year almost a year and a half! So he is pretty experienced and that is always nice to have when you are young in the mission! But things are going well with the work in Leiden and with all of our Investigators!

We have a ton of potentials that we have to look up, and hopefully they will have some interest in learning more about our church. So about my amazing experience, Elder De Witt and I were on a bus to go contact in an area and this girl gets on the bus and she looks about 17 years old and she has a child that she brought on the bus in a carriage. She forgot to put the carriage break on the carriage for her child, so when the bus driver hit his breaks the carriage fell over.. and I hurry and got off my seat and lifted the carriage up and the baby's eyes weren't opening his eyes, the girl was screaming 'mij kind (My Child), mij kind, mij kind' I put my hands on this baby, closed my eyes and in my head I said Heavenly Father Please, and right as I did that I opened my eyes and so did the baby. After that I made sure the baby was okay and that the girl was okay also, I shared a card with the girl and told her that this was a website that could help you and with your family.

It was an eye opener experience, our Heavenly Father put me and Elder De Witt in that situation for a reason. I don't know if that girl will call us or not, but I do know that she felt Heavenly Fathers love at that time when she knew that her baby was okay. The power of the priesthood is amazing, and I am glad that I acted when this happened.

I had the opportunity to speak in church this Sunday, and let me tell you I was so scared out of my mind! my topic was on how I have received my testimony and how I continue to share it on my mission! It went really well, I am truly grateful for the gift of tongues! I am also glad that the most important part of my talk was with the Spirit there! and that is what is most important! I am grateful to be called here on such an amazing mission! I love my mission so much and am grateful to be a missionary each and every day!

Love you all back home! I will hear from all of you soon! Have a great week! 

Love Elder Morey!

Nice picture in Leiden!

First day with Elder De Witt!

Me and Elder De Witt working out in Hoge Mors!

SO grateful when members send us food home from church!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfer #3 in Leiden!

Goededmiddag!! Well this week was just another really good week! We really pushed ourselves this week and got 31 hours of proselyting! SO we were pretty stoked about that! This is Elder Woltjens last week in the Netherlands! It is crazy that he is already going home! Oh and by the way I am staying in Leiden for another transfer and my new comp is Elder De Witt! I heard he is a really cool Elder and that we are going to have a great time! SO we will see!

 Well our Investigators that we have are doing well, we are really progressing with Frits and he is always at church, we just continue to work with him to get him to baptism. We have been struggling with meeting with one of our investigators named Deborah, she has cancelled on us so many times so we just need to talk to her is she still wants to meet with us or not. So we are trying really hard to keep her!

We haven't seen Tom since are last appointment with him, we think he has been visiting the lady who he had talked about that had to get surgery, so we really hope she and him are doing well! Hopefully we will contact him here this week! We really need to get finding and find those in search of the gospel! SO hopefully we will have a successful and better week this week!

I am grateful for the chance to serve another transfer in Leiden! I hope me and Elder De Witt can hit the city hard and see some more success! I am grateful for the chance to be a missionary in such a great place! You truly see and find the reasons why you are called to your mission! It is amazing to see how much the Lord helps me grow each and every day! I truly see the blessings from being obedient and working hard!

Thank you all for your support and prayers! next week I will tell you how transfers went and how my new comp is and I will talk to you all next week! I love you all!! Tot Ziens!

Love Elder Morey

Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Goedemorgen Everyone!!! and also Happy Late Halloween! I hope Everyone enjoyed a great Halloween and ate a lot of candy!! This week was a really good one and really exciting! Went to Belgium this week for my Residency Permit, Caught a hedgehog with Elder Steenblik, Taught a guy named Tom and had a great experience with him! and had a great Halloween dinner at a members home! SO really fun and awesome week!

Well first off I will talk about how the work is going here in Leiden! The work is slow right now.. We haven't found anyone new except for the this man named Tom who I talked about, I will talk about the experience soon! But we just need to start finding more people to teach! We are going to be hitting the doors and contacting hard this last week or so with Elder Woltjen!

Now to talk about our investigator Tom! We found him about Two weeks ago when we were knocking doors around our apartment, and I asked him if we could come back to see what he thought about the website and if we could share a quick message with him. He said yes and we made an appointment for Thursday! So we went over that day and he had made a little paper with 10 questions that he had about the church and what we do as missionaries, we answered all his questions and taught him the Restoration. 

Later towards the end of the Lesson he told us why he invited us back over was because he had a friend that had a tumor develop in her brain and he wanted us to pray for her, he got very emotional and we then taught him how to pray. He didn't offer the prayer but Elder Woltjen did, and it was amazing how strong the Spirit was there and we know that Tom felt it. He said he would invite us back over when he had time! It was such a cool experience and to know that our Heavenly Father puts us in situations for a purpose!

It was a truly a great Halloween week and was a really great week for us as missionaries! The Lord's hand is in everything and there is always a purpose for everything! I was so grateful for that experience with Tom and that I was an Instrument of the Lord! I am grateful for all the blessings that the Gospel provides and I know that this Church is true, and I am super grateful to be a missionary in this specific Mission!

I am grateful for all the support that I have and feel back home! I love all of you! I hope everyone has a great week! and especially stay warm as it gets colder! Continue to pray in faith and read in the Scriptures! Love you all! 

Love Elder Morey!  
Elder Steenblik and I on exchanges after we caught a
hedgehog and named him Sammy, don't worry we let him go!

Driving to Belgium

Elder Cook our Driver!

Archway into Brussel's Belgium

Halloween Dinner with Van Eedens!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Love me some Herring!

Well Goedemorgen!! This week was a up and down week! We got a call this week from random dude that told us that Broeder Van Heyst couldn't meet with us anymore because he isn't mentally stable.. So it really sucked to receive that call because He is such a great guy and was really happy when we taught him.. So we were pretty upset about that situation..

But we ended up finding two new investigators this past week, they are both named Sam. They were a referral from a blitz in the city from a while ago, we just weren't able to meet till this last Tuesday. They were both interested in wanting to know more about the Mormon Church and We taught them the Restoration and a little bit of the Plan Of Salvation because they had a ton of questions for us, but it was really cool to see that they were so willing to learn more. We can't wait to get a return appointment with them!

We had interviews with President this week during District meeting and it was so crazy to think that after this transfer I technically am not a Greenie anymore! and I don't have to do this program called 12 week anymore! It is crazy to see the growth that you have within just 12 weeks from being and learning how to be a better missionary!

I am grateful for the opportunity I get each day to teach those people that are being prepared! I hope this week will be a little better of a finding week and teaching week! I am super excited for this upcoming week and all the blessings that we will see from our work! I am grateful for this work and Gospel! I love the belssing it is and I love being able to share that with the people here in the Netherlands!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers! I am grateful for all of you back home and the love you have for me! Talk to you all here soon! Tot Ziens!

Love Elder Morey

Herring Anyone!!!!

Family De Nooijer

Monday, October 19, 2015

President pushing the expectations of the Work!

GoedeMorgen!! Well I don't even know where to start! This week was really awesome! It did have it's ups and downs, but still was a very good week of learning from Temple Conference and also getting flu shots.. and Teaching our investigators! And I will tell you how my Companion almost killed me with Samurai Sauce!

I am going to start with Temple Conference! This Conference so far has been my favorite one! Not only just because of going to the Temple but of what was taught to us at the actual Conference! The temple was an amazing experience! It is the smallest temple, but so dang powerful! I understood the whole thing in Dutch! I was super grateful for the Spirit that was there and the time I had to spend in the Celestial Room and just feel that Peace and Spirit and just have my prayers be answered! It truly was cool! So in the conference I will just sum it up of what the biggest things were! 

So to explain the title of my Email, President Bunnell has bumped up our Contacting hours to 23 hours! and it was originally at 20! So it was really cool to see how President knows that if we follow these new hours, that we will see success and the work grow! My favorite talk had to be one of the AP's Elder Bonner! He spoke to us on our capabilities and it was flat out amazing how he just laid down how we need to be as missionaries and what the Lord expects from us! Our Heavenly Father knows our capabilities and he knows that he can help us magnify our work! 

Then after all that greatness of Spiritual growth, President Bunnell hits us with a bomb.. He announces over the pulpit, ' Oh and by the way Elders and Sisters after the meeting you will all be receiving Flu Shots. No exceptions. Okay lets do it!! ' :( as you all know I hate flu shots... but hey I survived! and I told President I am not angry with him anymore! haha just kidding!

Our investigators are doing really good! We have 4 progressing Investigators now! The hard part about this week though was that we had a lot of our lessons fall through this week.. and when I mean a lot I mean 4 out of 6 dropped... But hey we got to keep trying and help our Investigators grow! We also have two new investigators! so that is awesome! I finally know the First Vision in Dutch! We taught this girl named Ashley and I shared the Vision with her and it was crazy to feel the Spirit like that! 

And mom all is good with the Samurai Sauce story, I had an allergic reaction to this stuff called Samurai Sauce this week, Elder Woltjen hid some in my food and he knows that I don't like spicy stuff that much and right as I ate a big bite of it, my throat closed up! and I could not breathe! I hurried and drank like a whole thing of juice to relax my throat! hahaha! It scared Elder Woltjen to Death! But I am okay I promise!

I am grateful for this Church and the opportunity I have to be a missionary for this Church! I know that it is true and that Joseph Smith Restored this church and he did see our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and that Christ's Church is here on the earth today! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to wear Christ on my chest everyday! Thank you for all your support and prayers! Love you guys!

Love Elder Morey!

Dutch Pannenkoeken!! it is so good!!

Poffertjes!! Little pancakes in the 
Netherlands that are amazing!!

Beautiful morning ride to Temple Conference!

Selfie with Elder Woltjen at the Temple!

The Den Haag Temple! 
All the missionaries outside the temple!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Love Planting Seeds!

Hallo Iedereen! This week was a really good week and hard week! We did a whole lot of teaching and I was really busy all week with going on Exchanges! I will send pictures of the two Elders I was with! It truly is starting into Winter! It is getting so cold! The wind here just chills you to your bones! SO I am going to start wearing my good ole Thermal Garments, so I can save my life!!

This week did a whole lot of planting seeds! People aren't that interested in religion here period, So some days all we do is plant seeds, which is most days for sure! When I went to Haarlem me and Elder Troumbley didn't find a single person out of the Five hours of contacting we did, but what matters is that we planted those seeds! I had success in Den Haag with Elder Bishesar form Suriname! We ended up finding 2 potentials that day and it went really well! What was tough though was going on Exchanges two days in a row! that was really tiring! 

Our investigators are slowly making progress! We have recently working with this lady named Deborah! She is the sweetest lady and is really positive to what we teach! It is amazing to see such growth in the people we teach! It is truly cool to see the light of Christ in these peoples life! We are trying really hard to get them to come to church, because it truly is a huge difference when an Investigator comes to church to see the Sacrament and the Spirit that is felt there!

I am so excited to go to the Temple tomorrow! I have been so anxious to go to the Temple again since the MTC! The only hard part will be understanding the Endowment session in Dutch! But hey the Spirit will play a huge role! I would like to share a video with everyone! It talks about Faith and how we need to grow! It is called the Butterfly Circus, it is about 22 minutes long but I encourage you to look at this video! It truly was amazing! 

Thanks for all your support back home, I love you guys very much and wish everyone a good week! Talk to you all soon! Tot ziens! 

Love Elder Morey!

Waiting at the Bus Stop in the Rain

Exchanges in Haarlem with Elder Troumbley!
Greenie city Takeover!

Elder Troumbley in his Bear Wumsy!!!!

Elder Bishesar from Suriname!
On Exchanges with him in Den Haag!

Elder Bishesar made me some Suriname Eten!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Spiritually Fed with Conference!!

GoedeMorgen iedereen (Good Morning Everyone)! This week was an awesome and crazy one in Leiden! So grateful for the opportunity we had this weekend to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles! and to see the new called apostles Elders Rasband, Stevenson, and Runland! It will be cool to see how these Apostles grow with there new callings! 

Crazy week here in Leiden! Lots of chaotic people! So the 3rd of October in Leiden is practically like our Independence Day back home in a way! It is called Feest! and trust me Nederlanders are very serious about this day! It is like a huge Fair that everyone just drinks a whole lot and is just absolutely crazy! So it was very interesting walking through the Centrum late at night with all the crazy people drunk!

So we now have 3 progressing Investigators! our newest one is Deborah! She is super awesome and really into what we teach and she really feels like this is what she has wanted for herself! But there is a few complications, she isn't married and her Husband is Atheist. So we are going to be working with her a whole lot! Super Excited to see how she will grow in the Gospel! Maneer Van Heyst didn't get put on date, Elder Woltjen and I felt that we shouldn't put him on date because we did not want to push him, We will know when the right time will be! Hopefully he will increase his reading and praying about the Book of Mormon!

Now on to Conference! This Conference was flippin amazing to see and hear! There was so many great talks given! And many prayers for sure were answered on my part! But now it is time for us as members to do our part and act upon these messages that were given to us! I hope everyone will see the guidance that were in the messages of the Apostles and our Prophet! I know that this church is true and that we have a prophet here on this earth! I know as we follow the Commandments and the Lord's counsel, we will see the blessings that come from following and acting upon what we are taught! Review these talks and you will truly see the personal messages that are there for each one of us! 

Thank you for all your prayers and support! I feel your Love everyday out in the field! Keep being the amazing people you are! I will talk to you all soon! Love you all! Tot ziens!

Love Elder Morey!

Video Made by the Missionaries and President and Sister Bunnell for a Zone Conference: 
Elder Harrop's Awesome Drawing from District Meeting!!
I Am of Course Captain America!!!

Waiting for Investigators to come home with Elder Woltjen

Feest!!! Nederlands Octoberfest!

Conference at the Church with Elders Andrews, Cook & Evans