Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2016


GOEDEMORGEN everyone! Well we had another solid week here in Heerlen, we ended up biking quite a lot and my legs have never been so tired and me myself has never been so tired! I am obviously out of shape.. but besides that we had a great week, getting in touch with some of our referalls and our potential investigators!

We didn't teach as much this week, because of our investigators were busy through the week, but the ones we did teach were really great, the first one was with one of our investigators in Maastricht. She is great and she ended up opening up to us because of something she watched on the church website, she ended up watching the Face to Face with Studio C and she really enjoyed it, so the church website is great for your investigators! 

We also taught one of our investigators that lives pretty close to the church in Heerlen and has been investigating for quite some time now, we have super good relations with him and we are practically his homies! so we just have to see where he stands in the gospel and the why behind he is meeting with us! SO that was solid!

We had a cool little miracle last night, we go to this old persons home in a place called Kerkrade, it is close to the German border. And we go there because we have a member that is there called Br. Smeets, we usually go there and the old people love us, they call us lekker stuks! haha! practically means sexy in dutch! But we call them our fan club. When we were leaving the home, a lady was visiting her husband there and she recently was having a hard time, but we ended up talking with her to the bus stop and also to her bus stop and the whole time she said thank you so much, I feel safe with you two around, it just meant a lot to me that she was happy and feeled safe that we were with her when normally she is alone, even though we didn't use our words to preach the gospel, it still meant something to her.

We have recently seen some great success with referals and some of them have some good potential behind them, so this next week we are excited to see where that all goes with them! Gotta find the ELECT!! But life is going great in Heerlen, we have the Halloween party coming up soon, so that will be exciting! I hope you all have a great Halloween by the way! 

I love you all and hope that you have a great week this week! Tot volgende week!

Love Elder Noah Morey!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Goedemiddag everyone!! Well this week was a crazy one for us in Heerlen! We ended up having a lot of Traveling to do and being places so we didn't get to work as hard as we would've liked to! But we still had many things that were great about this week!

First highlight of the week is that Elder Bringhurst and I had a great day on Tuesday teaching two of our Investigators, they both live in the city of Maastricht! and we had great lessons with them, the first one we had we read out of the book of Mormon and talked about. She is super intrigued about the Book of Mormon and wants to continue to learn and read more and see if it is true! SO that is super promising! IT is great to see her desire and willingness! You don't see that too often!! Next we went to our other investigator and had a solid conversation about the gospel and about the Fruits of the gospel! It was a really great lesson and she continues to progress and do well!

We then had exchanges on Thrusday after our Zone Training in Eindhoven. I was with Elder Smith in Eindhoven, and Elders Bringhurst and Van den Dungen Bille were in Heerlen. Elder Smith had a solid exchange and ended up teaching a nice family from Africa about the Book of Mormon and how it can make her feel less stressed with her daily life if she would take the time to read and pray, so that was great and we had a great exchange!
The very next day, we exchanged back in Heerlen and Elder Bringhurst and I had the opportunity to go with an American Family to an AMERICAN FOOTBALL GAME!!!! The boys in the ward play for the school so we ate dinner with the family and went to the game! It was great! It felt like a little piece of home! They lost, but Elder Bringhurst and I cheered our hearts out! aha it was fun!

Then on Saturday we had to travel down to Brussels to sleep over at the Brussels Elders apartment so we could be to the Stake Conference on time, and it was a crazy travel there, it took FOREVER, but it is great to serve in such a beautiful mission! We got to see some beautiful places! Stake Conference went well and was cool to see a new part of the mission! I love you all and hope you have a great week! and don't forget! KEEP IT HALAL!!!!

Love Elder Noah Morey


Monday, October 10, 2016


Goedemiddag everyone! Well another successful transfer week. I made it safely down to Heerlen and met up with my new companion Elder Bringhurst! He and I needless to say are going to get along very well and maybe even too well! But it has been a solid couple of days here in Heerlen and Maastricht! If you ever get the chance to look at pictures of these cities, you need to! It is stunning!

Well I unfortunately don´t have a recorder anymore, so I might go out and buy one, because I really enjoyed doing recordings, so we will see how that will go. but for now you get a typed email! SO I got into Heerlen on Wednesday and the Ward ended up having a General Conference Activity that night and I ended up endulging in American Food my first night there, so that was amazing. I just pray I don´t get fat here.. The Ward is amazing, it is a Military Ward, so that is really cool! The members are really nice and cool!

The work in Heerlen/Maastrict is really good, we have a lot of people to teach and a lot of potential invesitgators, our area is pretty huge so it is a very promising area! I have the opportunity to see a couple of them and to begin knowing their needs. So in later emails I will be talking a little bit more about them and how they are doing, but for the week so far, it was just me getting used to a new area and getting comfortable! I promise I will have stories next week! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon! Tot Ziens!

Love Elder Morey

Heading to Heerlen!!
Elder Bringhurst!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Baptism+General Conference = Best Combination Ever!!

Goedemiddag everyone!! Well as you can see from the subject of the email, this was probably one of the best weeks of my life on the mission! We just had an absolute amazing week! I will tell you more about the Baptism, then the week because we have made a recording of the week!

Well first off Brenda or now Zuster van der Velden is going to be an amazing asset to this Ward here in Arnhem, she is just a personality where people flock to her, and that was very true on her baptismal day, half of the people at the Baptismal Service were non-members! She is an amazing example of Christ's love for others! She is just always happy no matter what! It was an absolute blessing to be an instrument in the Lord's hand to teach Brenda and be a part of her journey! She will receive the Holy Ghost this next Sunday, I unfortunately won't be there for it, because I will be in Heerlen. But It was amazing to work in such a great place like Arnhem. It truly has changed my life. I hope you all enjoyed Conference and will enjoy the recording we made! I love you all and will talk to you soon! 

Love Elder Morey! 

"The Lord wants us to try and as we do so we grow closer to him." - J. Devn Cornish

Brenda's Baptism!!!!!
Beautiful Sunset in Arnhem!