Monday, June 27, 2016

Traveling Can Get The Worst Out Of Me...

Goedemorgen everyone!! Well this week was a crazy one for Elder Miera and I.. We had a big traveling schedule that is for sure, we had to go to Zone Conference in Rotterdam this past week, which took us 2 1/2 hours to get there.. But I will first start off by telling you why traveling can bring the worst out of me.. and it is kind of a funny story.. I am still figuring out what God was trying to teach me. Well as you all know I need a residency Permit  to stay in the country and my last one said I was born in 1977, which I was not, so I had to go pick up my new one. Which is located next to Schipol Airport. SO we get on a train from Hengelo to Schipol at 7 in the morning. We get to a city called Amersfoort and the train conductor comes on the intercom to say that the train wasn't going to Schipol.. SO we got on another train to Utrecht, to catch one to schipol from there.. so we get on that train at Utrecht and the conductor once again says sorry this train is not going to Schipol.. So we get off in Amsterdam and take a train to Leiden, and from Leiden we finally get to Schipol and I finally got to Hoofdorp. I got my residency permit within 10 minutes... So we traveled for about 6 hours to get this thing.. Elder Morey was very upset to say the least.. I hope you all got a laugh out of that...

This Wednesday Elder Miera and I had the opportunity to teach a Potential Investigator and her Brother about the Restoration, it turned more into a question answer appointment, but it was still a good one, we tied the restoration into it and tried our best to have a good lesson. By the end of the lesson we had commited them to Read and Pray about the Book Of Mormon. The brother declined and said he was still going to believe what he believed, but what he did say and what was the great miracle of this lesson is that the brother said, "well guys your belief is great and I can tell that you are great people and have had great experiences. You have taught me to pray again and I will for sure begin praying again to recieve comfort and faith." Even though they didn't want to have a return appointment, I knew that we made a great impression and that they felt the Spirit!

We also had the opportunity to teach our investigator Mathijs! We taught  and talked about the Plan of Salvation. He thought it was great, he is a man of very simple thinking and he said that it made sense to him and he thought that it was great! It is great to see the Spirit testify of truth! He is making great progress, hopefully he will come to church soon!

We had a solid week for sure, hopefully this next week will be an even better one! I love you all and will talk to you all soon! Tot Ziens! "Remember who you are, and what God expects you to become." - Thomas S. Monson

Elder Noah Morey

Elder Hosea and I on Exchanges
Spending quality time together at the castle Twickel!
Traveling to Rotterdam

Monday, June 20, 2016


Goedemiddag everyone!! Well Happy Father's Day to my Dad and also to all of those Father's that have an impact on my life! You mean the world to me! and yes.. it is my hump day.. this time next year I will be home.. it is crazy to think about, that I have been out for a year! But most importantly I still have time and work to go! This week was another awesome week for us in Hengelo! President Bunnell had challenged Elder Miera and I to get a 25 hour work week, so we took his challenge to the test!

A little about our week, we had a lot of potential investigators that we had found the previous week and we were going to go look them up and teach them, but some of them happened to be not home. For instance we went to a dorp called Rijssen and we had a facebook campaign referall, she ended up not having that much interest at all.. So we had another look up I wanted to do, because I saw these people had a utah drivers lisence plate hanging on there patio, so I went up to ask them why they were there, but a lady answered the day and she was just there daughter in law. So I struck a conversation with her about what we do and where I was from and then I asked if she heard of us before, she said no. So we then intorduced the Book of mormon and now have her information to go teach her! But wait it gets better, the next door we knock is this super nice Dutch lady that is Christian(which you never see, at least the nice part). She invited us into her home and we talked about religion and about our belief, we left her with a message and a Book of Mormon! and we are allowed to come back and teach her about the Restoration! SUPER COOL!!

Another cool little story, Elder Miera speaks fluent spanish. So we have been getting our spanish language going a little bit, the sisters in Enschede are teaching some people from Dominican Republic. They don't speak Spanish at all and Elder Miera and I had the opportunity to go help teach them and it was super cool to see that my Spanish isn't that bad still! It is crazy how the Lord places you in the right places and right times! 

It's awesome being able to see the Lord's hand in the work! It makes things a lot more easier and happier! Just got to go out and have the faith and the lord will help do the rest! I love what I get to do on my mission! I hope you all have a great week! I will talk to you all soon! Tot ziens! Love you all! "If today you are a little better than you were yesterday, than that's enough." - David A. Bednar

Elder Noah Morey

Elder Croft in Deventer
Elder Croft my MTC Comp!!!
Haha I love serving with Elder Miera!
The German trains are really comfortable so
Elder Miera fell asleep!!!
Elder Miera and I passed apartment inspections!
Elder and Zuster Hill were so proud! and I found a clown suit!!
Wearing a bow tie at Fam Willems!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hard Work Goes A Long Way!

Goedemorgen Everyone!! Well this week in Hengelo was one for the books! We had a super good week, as a Zone we were all challenged to get new investigators! So the Lord provided for Elder Miera and I! We ended up teaching 6 lessons this week and also getting 5 new investigators! Pretty dang amazing!

First I want to talk about one of our investigators Kai, I believe  I have talked about him a little before, but he is a guy from Russia and he loves us! Everytime we go over to his place, we are just his homies. So he called us up out of the blue and said that he had time to meet with us, so that in itself was a miracle! We then got our stuff together and went over to his house, we taught him mainly about the Plan of Salvation and answered his questions! It went really well and he is excited to come to church next week!

Elder Miera and I had the chance to teach a lot of people on the door and also be let in this week. We ended up finding a lot of new people this way, it is crazy to think how the Lord will put you in the right places at the right time. We were doing a look up one day and the people weren't home, so we decided to go knock around for a little while. The very first door we knock is a nice Catholic lady and we ended up having a great conversation with her and now have a return appointment! also we were lead to this one part of hengelo that I thought was a good place to knock, and we knocked a whole apartment complex and we ended up getting to the last bell up/ door. And a man name Mathijs opened the door and let us in, he had talked with the missionaries before and he said they were great and really open, we had a simple lesson with him about the Book of Mormon and we now have a return appointment with him also!

This week was a pretty awesome one for us, even though we are super hyped about it, we need to make sure we stay focused and pay attention to our investigators needs, I am so grateful for what the Lord does for us as simple missionaries! He truly blesses us with those that are in need and are willing to hear what we have to share! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon! Tot Ziens! 

"How we live our religion is far more important than what we say about our religion." - Robert D. Hales

Love You,

Elder Noah Morey

Monday, June 6, 2016

My Miracle Making Miera

Goedemorgen everyone! okay so I have a ton to talk about for this week! I have a new companion and he is super awesome, he is a hardworker and is pretty hilarious! We had an awesome first couple of days here in Hengelo! That is why he is my miracle making miera!

So transfers went by really quickly, which was really nice! We got all settled and then went out to go contact in a certain part of the city, that I thought would be a good area to contact in. Well after contacting for about three hours we found 5 people that said we could come back, but we also me this guy named Kai. He is actaully a new investigator, he is from Russia and he considers us his little brothers which is super sick! We went back on Friday to teach him, we only got the chance to answer his questions and give him a Book of Mormon in Russian. We do have a return appointment with him on Thursday! SO we are excited! Cool fact too, he is the first new investigator I have ever had in Hengelo!

The next following day Elder Miera and I are in a area called Almelo de Riet, Elder Prickett and I had spent some time in this area for a while before, so Elder Miera and I picked a street and began knocking. So this street was filled with person after person that were just being so rude and telling us to go away, so I began to get angry/discouraged, so I tell Elder Miera, okay if this next door is rude/tells us to go away, we are going to leave this area. So as you all guessed the next door just got slammed in our face.. For some reason I felt that we shouldn't leave and we might as well just finish the street. Fast forward a little bit, we get to the last door and a indonesian/dutch woman opens the door and we contact her and tell her about the book of mormon and if she was ever religious? We ended up having a great conversation with her and have a return appointment next week to teach her and her brother! Now what I learned from this is instead of doing the whole street just knock the last doors!!;) haha It for sure was an amazing Miracle!

Then the next couple of days we have found some more potentials and have return appointments with them! I am really happy the work is beginning to pick up a little bit here in Hengelo, our one baptisimal date dropped us this week.. so we just got to keep our heads up and keep working hard! I hope everyone is doing great at home and you all have a great rest of your week! I love you all! "Not all those who wander are lost!" - J.R.R Tolken

Elder Noah Morey

Just chillin with Kimberly in the back of the car to
regional conference in Appeldorn!
Cute little baby swans, what I see in this picture
 is not to mess with that father...
My new companion Elder Miera!
Getting some lekker ijs in Hengelo!