Monday, June 12, 2017

" When I´m Homeward Bound Again...."

Goedemorgen Everyone.

Well this is it. Unbelievable that has come to the point that I get to say I am coming home. But before I get to that part of the email, I would like to first share what has happened this week!

Needless to say your last week of your mission flies by, because you meet with all of your investigators, members and just everyone. So we were non stop busy this week! I want to share though one of my biggest miracles of my mission so far. And it takes me back to my greenie days in Leiden. There was an investigator and less active there named John & Tessa. And in order for Tessa to be baptized they needed to get married, so on Thursday I had the great privilege to take a train down to Leiden with Elder Stevenson who also served there, and we had the chance to be a part of that day. It was a beautiful. They were married in the City Hall of Leiden, and one of the greatest parts of the service was the bride and groom have the chance to give a speech to each other. Tessa gave hers and it was so good, she told John she was happy that through him she got to know the Church and that one day they will get to be sealed to each other for eternity and have a family together.. (yes, i cried) This is what missions are all about. Seeing others take the steps into the Gospel. Tessa was then Baptized on Saturday. So hey I did get that last baptism in.

It tears my heart apart saying goodbye to so many good friends, people that I have came in contact with while being here on my mission. They truly have become a part of me in who I am and they feel as if they are my family. It truly is going to be hard to leave a land that holds my heart. I am forever grateful for the experiences I have had and they will forever affect my life. I am happy that I made the decision to come on a mission. You will all get to hear the experiences I have had and how they mean so much to me.

I love you all and can´t wait to see you all soon, for the others that I won´t be seeing soon my email will be feel free to send me your weekly emails and also if you want to talk personally! SEE YOU SOON!!! TOT ZIENS!!!

"...and I´ll return to you somehow..."

Elder Noah Morey

Familie Loorbach, I will miss them!!
Fiyen and Yenny from China!
Brother Spangenberg
My Homie that cut my hair in Assen! He is from Iraq!
This is Joop Dohle, I love this man!!
John and Tessa's Wedding in Leiden!!!
She got baptized on Saturday :)
Leiden City Hall

Elder Stevenson
Saying Goodbyes!!!

Did He Eat IT ALL????  
Working Hard :)!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Last Full Week Of Being A Missionary..


Well It is crazy to think about that I only have one full week left of being a full time missionary, and needless to say it is going to go by super fast! But I am enjoying all the time that I have left! 

A lot of great things have happened since I sent last weeks email! Some really cool experiences as well! First off, I was on Exchanges with our District Leader Elder Thornton, he is from Kaysville and went to Davis. We had a lesson with one of our investigators named Grietje. We had a really good lesson about how she can have the love of Christ with her at all times and how she always doesn't have to feel overwhelmed with everything in her life. We ended up inviting her to be baptized and she said yes and we have a date planned now for her. That was a super cool miracle for us.

I would like to talk about the Preisthood. In the church we believe that the Preisthood was restored through Joesph Smith, and that we have the chance to hold this priesthood. The Lord has taught me something this week, that I will never forget. On Tuesday last week we had a lesson with some investigators that the Sisters are teaching. Jolanda, Celine, and Fabio. Hopefully I will have sent a picture. But we were there eating Dinner and also we had the chance to teach them about the Priesthood, because Fabio will be 12 in July. After teaching them about the presithood Jolanda asked us if we gave blessings of comfort. And we said yes of course. We then proceeded to give the 3 of them blessings of Comfort as they prepare to be baptized on June 17th, unfortunately I will not be able to attend because I will be home. But as we gave them blessings The Spirit was so strong.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to a baptism of two investigators that the Sisters taught. Elder Young and I had the chance to be the Witnesses during the baptism. One of them is Dutch and the other was a young man from China named Tim. Elder Young and I know Tim pretty well and had good relations with him. On Sunday as they were going to receive the Holy Ghost, our Ward Mission Leader came up to us and said one of us needs to confirm Tim, (because he only speaks English), a member of the church and also Give him the Holy Ghost. And I ended up having the chance to do that. It was an amazing experience, it was my first time ever doing that. I never have felt so unqualified to give someone the Holy Ghost, but as I got in the circle with the other Elders and confirmed Tim and gave him the Holy Ghost, I was filled with love and Confidence from my Heavenly Father. I am grateful that he can trust one of his Sons, to hold this Priesthood and be able to administer it to others. I know that the Priesthood is here upon this Earth and that it is God's Power. I am grateful that our Heavenly Father teaches us, and that he taught me a great lesson about the Priesthood.

I hope you all have a great week and I will email you all for the last time next week! I love you all! TOT ZIENS!

Elder Noah Morey

Exchanges with Elder Thornton
Service with Fam De Jonge!!

Br. De Jonge is like 80 and he is still funny as ever!

Blurry picture of Robert and Tim that got baptized!!

De Jonge Family

Monday, May 29, 2017

It Is Getting Hot Here, I Have The Burns To Prove It!

Monday, May 22, 2017

It Is Getting Real...

Goedemorgen Everyone!!

So I don´t have too much time today, we have some things to do and places to be for P day! This week was a good one, but also had it´s struggles. We didn´t see too much success, but we did still see some and we are getting excited for this next week, we have a lot of appointments planned and it is looking like we will be meeting with everyone and more!

This week we went on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders, Elder Stevenson wanted to go on one last exchange together. We ended up seeing a lot of success on that day, mainly on Elder Young and Sutherlands end. They ended up contacting some referrals and also finding some people that are pretty interested! We have plans to have some new investigators because of it! Funny story from Elder Stevensons and I Exchange. So we went to look up a referral in the north of Assen. We go there and the guy was in the back just enjoying the weather. SO I walked up to him and told him who we were and why we were there, and it was because that he ordered a Dvd. Well he explained to me that he wanted nothing to do with Jesus and that he didn´t even order the Dvd... So I told him sorry... haha!

On Thursday we had Zone Conference and we talked a lot about how we as missionaries need to have the Spirit more with us in Missionary Work and how we are only instruments in the Lord´s work, all he asks of us is to be there at the right time, in the right place. I know for sure the Lord blesses us through our efforts and that is all he asks of us to do. I also had to give my "dying" testimony, which is your last Zone Conference, so they make you share one! I cried and it was good. It just has made it feel even more real going home!

We unfortunately didn´t get to meet with our investigators this week, they all were busy and or cancelled on us. But next week is looking good and we will hopefully have more about the investigator end to talk about! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon! TOT ZIENS!!

Elder Noah Morey

Elder Miera is AP now so I am so proud of him!
Me on PDay!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Lord Blesses His Servants Efforts..

I hope you all had a great week this week. Mine was good, no too much happened with us unfortunately, but hopefully next week will be better! We still had some good lessons and things happen to us, but nothing to exciting weet je?

Well this week we had the opportunity to meet with Grietje. She has been Investigating for some time now and has been struggling a little bit with the concept of God giving her trials and wondering why she has it so rough sometimes. On Tuesday we went over and shared a lesson with her about Peace. And how our Savior is there for us to offer Peace in our lives. We related this to the story of when Christ was asleep on the boat with the Apostles. You all know the story of how there was a huge storm and the Apostles knew that they were going to perish. So they turned to the Savior, Jesus Christ and he immediately woke up and calmed the storm. That is exactly how and what we need to do when we are in search of Peace in our lives, when we are in the boat(our lives) and we are getting tossed and turned by the waves of all these trials and hard times. But one thing we know for sure is, is that we always have the Savior in our boat. He will always be there for us in the time of need and Peace. All we have to do is turn to him and ask for his help and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will embrace us with the Loving Peace he always has to offer.
It was a really good lesson with Grietje and she seemed to really take it and apply it, or at least think about it a little more how she can have that for herself!

We also had the chance to meet with Gaby again this week on Wednesday. We had a super good lesson about the Priesthood and how it is restored upon the Earth. We also answered some questions she had, which she has a lot of. I always feel the Spirit when we teach her, she always is intensive and always is willing to accept anything we teach her! She always shares her experiences with us as well and that is nice to know about! So things are going amazing with her, we have another lesson lined up on Wednesday!

It was super nice to talk to the family on Sunday and it is crazy to think that the next time I will see them is in 4 weeks! I hope and pray that I can continue to keep working hard and not getting too Trunky(Which is nearly impossible sometimes..) I love you all and will talk to you soon! Tot Ziens!

Love Elder Noah Morey

Grandma & Grandpa Morey's Neighbors the Van Komen's
 who served in Noah's Mission met Noah at Church Sunday!!!!

Groningen is really pretty!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Last Transfer..

Goedemiddag everyone!! Well it is unbelieveable to think that I am on my last transfer.. I literally have about 5 weeks left of my mission.. I honestly feel like everyone is lying to me and that it is a joke that I am going home. But in all reality it is real haha!

This week was a really good one for us here in Assen! It was transfer week so it honestly just felt like a drag, but it still was very eventful and accomplishing.

First off I would like to tell you all a great story/experience we had with Gaby this week. So we had a lesson with her on Tuesday with Thies De Jonge. And when we got to her house, her boyfriend Felix was there and has sparked some interest as well. We taught them the Restoration and they took it very well and both were willing to pray about the Book of Mormon and to find out if this truly is Christ´s Church on Earth. Gaby ended up giving the closing prayer for the lesson and it was super sincere and I know that if they continue to investigate with a sincere heart that God will answer there prayers. Gaby ended up also coming to church, so she continues to follow up on our commitments and we have another appointment with them on Wednesday! OH and also She has saved up 2 years of Tithing. UNBELIEVABLE!! She has such a strong testimony of tithing which is mind blowing to me! SUPER COOL!!

We had the chance through the week to go and contact some referrals that we have gotten from the Easter Campaign. We ended up traveling to a place called Haulerwijk in Friesland. We had two referrals out there that we had to contact. We contacted the first one and he wasn't home, but his brother was, so maybe he will call us. But the second one was a very nice lady that was interested and said we could come back next week and share our message. So that was a nice miracle for us and hopefully she will be more interested going further!

Well I would like to also give a shoutout to my mother and mother figures in my life, I wish you all a happy mothers day and I love you all and am forever thankful for what you have done to make me who I am today and the influence you´ve had on me!

I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon! TOT ZIENS!!

LOVE Elder Noah Morey

Eating Some Sushi with the District!!!!
Elder Young and I in the Groningen Centrum

Monday, May 1, 2017

You believe in Tithing right? Yeah we do. Okay Amen.

Goedemiddag everyone!! Well this week was a super cool one. But first we got transfer calls on Saturday night, and I will be staying in Assen for my last Transfer with Elder Young, so I am pretty hyped to spend my last transfer here!

Well I believe I mentioned something about Kings day in my last email, that was on Thursday. It ended up being not what we expected it to be. We did not get up early enough to get a good enough spot.. SO all we ended up doing was walking around and trying to talk with people, but it was still a fun day!

On Saturday we had the chance to see someone get baptized here in the Groningen Ward, his name is Marcel and he is a super lovable guy! So that is always nice to be a part of!

Okay I don't have that much time left before we have to leave, but I want to tell you all about the miracle we saw this week. On sunday between all the 4 pairs of missionaries in the Ward, we had 8 investigators in Church! Now that is amazing. And one of the investigators happened to be a lady that a member knew and had invited to Church! (Shout out to Thies De Jonge) Her name is Gabby and she is from Suriname and she was super touched by Church. I ended up sitting next to her and after Sacrament Meeting was over, me and her had a good conversation about her realtionship with God and Religion. Turns out that the Spirit really touched her and she feels like she should join the church and be baptized. We at first were like okay slow down a bit! We ended up taking her aside at church(Br. Keuter and I) and Taught her a lesson on the Restoration and practically what the Gospel and the Church can mean to her! She is super positive and we have an appointment with her Tomorrow and it is super cool to see that the Lord is blessing the Groningen Ward!! 

I love how one member is actively being a missionary and taking courage to invite people and look what has happened!! I don't know if she will get baptized or not, but that is amazing! I hope you all continue to look for people around you to serve and be an example to! I love you all and hope you have a great rest of your week! Talk to you soon! TOT ZIENS!!

Love Elder Noah Morey

Kings Day!!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Living Mosiah 2:17 in Assen

Goedemorgen Everyone!! Well this week was SUPER tiring! but also at the same time it was worthwhile! I Always have to tell myself that it is good to be tired all the time! But overall it was a good week for us here in Assen!

SO the reason why I have the subject of the email about Mosiah 2:17 is because we Served a lot this week.. 3 out of the 7 days we did service! The first day was on Wednesday. Since the Assen Church was closed there was a piano there that needed to be taken to the Groningen Church. And who do you think got the opportunity to do that? The Elders te Groningen en Assen!!! So this Piano was needless to say the heaviest thing I have ever lifted in my life. I had a strap around my body so that we could lift it upstairs to where it needed to go and we did it!!! It took us an hour, but we did it!! On Friday and Saturday we did Service for some investigators and that went really well, everytime we do service for our investigators I Always feel the love of God and I can see that it means a lot to our investigators and will go a long way for them!

One of our investigators ended up coming to Church, so that is Always a super exciting feeling when you see them walk into the church building! Church was really good, they had some recent converts give talks about the temple and how much it means to them. It was a very special meeting.

We have been doing much finding lately and have found quite a few people, they just need to fully become investigators, we have a lot of referalls from the Easter Campaign, so hopefully this next week we will have some stories to share! Konings Dag(Kings Day) is on Thursday, so that will be exciting. It is a day where the Dutch dress up in Orange and get super hyped about Nederland. It is going to be fun!

I hope you all have a great week and I love you all! I will talk to you soon! Tot Ziens!

"Remember that Jesus Christ overcame the world, so that you could as well."

Love Elder Noah Morey

Birthday Cake!!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Nederland weather is super bipolar..

Goedemiddag everyone!! So i have like no time at all to email.. so that is super sad, but I will tr to type as fast as I can to explain a little bit about how the week was!

So we have been receiving a ton of referrals from the campaign that our mission has been doing and that should be really nice and hopefully some of them will be interested in listening to our message! This week we ended up finding 4 new investigators!! So that was a miracle and two of which are neighbors, so that is pretty cool!

Keukenhof on Wednesday was pretty awesome, last year was better just because the sun was shining and it made the flowers pop more, but of course it is still amazing to go there and see all the tulips and it was super fun, i got to hang out with Elder Croft the whole time so that was super nice for me! The conference and training was super good as well!

Easter Sunday was very nice, all the missionaries ended up having to sing and it was really good, my tenor voice is getting better, Mom you would be impressed! I have loved being able to come to recognize the Savior in my life and how much the knowledge of that He lives and how his atonement applies to my life. I am grateful for that special day and that I have been able to tell the people of the Netherlands about that they have a Savior that loves them and cares for them.

Well I hope to send a bigger email next week, but I hope you all have a great week and that the weather where ever you are is not as Bi polar as it is here in the Netherlands! I love you all and will talk to you soon! Tot Ziens!! 

Elder Noah Morey