Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring is on the Horizon!

Well Goedemorgen everyone!! I hope everyone had a good week this week! Here in Den Haag it was a good one! Like I said in the last email, Elder Knaupp and I got a mini missionary from Utrecht, Elder Oostveen! He went back home this Sunday, so me and Elder Knaupp are missing our son!

This week was a hard one, Elder Oostveen ended up getting sick on a Wednesday.. He woke up and he was throwing up and having some stomach problems.. It was so hard for me to see, cuz we wanted him to have this bomb mini mission experience! But We still had a lot of good experiences! We had a lot of laughs! 

Elder Knaupp and I were talking about how that there are so many people being prepared out there!! We just have to go find them! One experience this week was just really amazing, so as all of you know Brigitte is going to be getting baptized this next upcoming week on Mar. 12, and she has been on Vacation in France for this past week, so as missionaries you get really scared, cuz you don't have contact with them that much and you just hope they read and do all those commitments you give them! Well I got a text this week and, I began to read it and it said "I have a lot of time to think while I have been on vacation, and I have no doubts of being baptized". I think I literally was just amazed at how prepared she is for this next step in her life. It blew my mind!! I am so grateful for the Lord and all that he does to help our investigators!

Our other investigator Glen this week called us and told us that he is now a grandpa, so that is pretty crazy! It also became a problem for us because we lost contact with him for a little while.. and for me I like was freaking out and wanted to make sure that we teach him sometime this week! He has been making really good progress, but just needs to stop with smoking, so hopefully we will begin to see more progress with him on that!

Well this next week we get Transfer Calls, so I really hope I am staying, cuz I really want to be there when Brigitte is baptized! SO we will see Saturday if I will be going somewhere else! I am so grateful for the chance I get to be a missionary in the Netherlands, I truly love the people even though I get a lot of rejection, I love being an insturment in the Lord's hand and seeing people change there lives from living the gospel, One of our recent converts Loreen said to me the other day, This gospel truly has changed my life for the better, I just wish everyone would realize it! I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Tot Ziens! 

Elder Noah Morey

Too much... MM's... ughh..

Fixing my fiets with Elder Knaupp!

Exchanges with Elder Richards!!

Haha picture of me seperated from my companions
 for 30 minutes!! I was helping an elderly lady off
the train and missed my companions.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Zone Conference

Goedemiddag!! Well I don't have that much time today, we have been really thrown of schedule so I will try to go super fast and try to fit what went on this week!!

Well we had Zone Conference this week and it was super good and also learned a lot on how we can work with the Spirit more in our work, and also how we can diet as missionaries!!;) Which I am in need of!;) Well this week we also got Sander Oostveen van Utrecht! for his Mini Mission!! SO he will be working with us till Sunday!! So far it has been super fun!!

Saturday we ended up helping a family move, it actually was our stake president we had to help move into his new mansion!;) I didn't take any pictures because I was busy moving stuff so I apologize in advance! But it took 7 hours! But it was a really good workout!

Well a quick little miracle this week, on Friday Elder Knaupp, Sander and I were studying, and we got calls from our two investigators and they ended up falling through on the appointments we had set up.. so I was kinda of mad, so I just said okay Heavenly Father I guess we will go find someone today! Well that someone turned into more than one someone, in the 2 hours we worked we found 4 potentials, and all of them being on the same street! They seemed to be very positive, so we are excited to see where it goes with them!! Crazy how the Lord works sometimes!!

But I am sorry that the email wasn't to big, but I am doing well in Den Haag and I will make sure that we are better prepared for next week! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Tot ziens!!

Love Elder Noah Morey

Catching Some Air!!

Iron Chef Competition at Church

Dominoes with Brigitte's Family

Elder Sander Oostveen!

Elder Jeffrey Had to Ride in Back!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!!

Goedemorgen!! Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I hope you all had a really good Valentines day and a good week also!! This week was a pretty solid one! We ended up switching and setting a new baptismal date for Brigitte!! and we had found a new investigator named Dave! SO we are excited to see how that will turn out! Then we had a good teaching week with all of our investigators and another good week of investigators coming to church!!

Well Elder Knaupp and I literally just got out of a lesson not to long ago, with a Suriname lady named Reshma, she is really cool and is just really open to learn, we hope we can get her to church so she can feel the Spirit that is there, it will make a huge difference if she does!!  We also found out today that a 19 year old kid from Utrecht will be coming to Den Haag on a mini mission, so that will be pretty cool, to get another companion, that is DUTCH!!;)

This week with teaching has been amazing!! We taught all of our investigators this week, and was just a really good week, like I said we moved Brigitte's baptismal date from May to March 12!! She is so awesome and truly is ready to be baptized and be a member, she was so prepared to recieve the gospel even before we began teaching her! It was flat out amazing!

I would also like to talk about Prayer. This week we had 3 investigators pray for the first time, it blew me away how genuine and how powerful it was when they pray for the first time. The Spirit is so strong.. It was like they literally were talking to Heavenly Father as if he were in the room. It just made me want to be more sincere with my prayers! SO it just was so great and a true testimony builder that sometimes we just blow by our prayers, when sometimes, we just need to have a conversation! He truly wants to hear from us!

Well this next upcoming week should be really interesting! I for sure will have lots to tell over our new companion and about the week! I will talk to you all soon! I hope you all have a great week! 


Elder Noah Morey

On Exchanges with Elder Henderson!
Haha a God Loves You Flag!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Early Spring!!

Well Goedemiddag!! Another solid week of work in Den Haag!! and thank goodness it is an early Spring here in the Netherlands!! I never want to be in a hardcore winter here!! I would be a red headed popsicle!! haha well this week was a really solid week of teaching and getting investigators to church!! Elder Knaupp and I really set a goal this transfer to get our Investigators to church, and it is crazy to see that the Lord helps us with our goals so that we can accomplish them!!

We ended up having 3 investigators show up to church! Noel, Brigitte, and Glen! It was really nice to have the two of our Investigators that have baptismal dates there! That to me is very crucial in helping someone gain a testimony of the church and it causes them to show there own action! It is seriously an amazing feeling to have people you care about come to church!!

We had a very deep lesson with this lady named Reshma this week, and she is from Suriname and her religious background is hinduism and she still has a good relationship with god, it was a super good lesson over the Plan of Salvation, and to see her know that it makes sense and she knew that her brother was somewhere, who died not to long ago. It is crazy how applicable the Plan Of Salvation is to everyone!

I am so blessed with the opportunity to work with such an amazing ward and city in my mission, Elder Knaupp constantly tells me, how come you have so many solid people in this city?? I Always tell him yeah it is a gold mine here, but if we are in the right place at the right time, we will continue to find and teach people like that! I am so grateful to be a missionary and seeing miracles everyday, it truly is amazing how this is the Lord's work!(Moses 1:39)

We all have the light, and people can see that light, in D&C 50:24 I believe it talks about all of our lights and how it will grow brighter and brighter to the last day, I invite all of you to share that! Either by example and or just talking with someone! It is super easy and worth while! and you never know how big of difference you will make!!

 Love you all and I will talk to you all soon!! Tot Ziens!!

Elder Noah Morey

Funny Statue!!
Studying Hard with Elder Knaupp!
No Comment!  Just Enjoy the Laugh :)

Gotta Have A Hoop In The Apartment

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Goedemiddag Iedereen! Well this week has been a crazy one!! We had transfers this week on Wednesday and I have a new Companion Elder Knaupp! He is from my MTC group so that is really cool! We have been workign hard together for the past couple of days with each other! and it is nice to have another tall comp that can play ball! That is Always a bonus!:)

Well this week of working in Den Haag was just awesome!! We have 2 baptismal dates and hopefully a couple more on the way, but we have to be patient and work with the Spirit in order to find out when it is right and when it is not! But we have 2 investigators Ricardo, and Sandra that are super close to baptism! I can't wait to see how it goes!

One of the most exciting thing or accomplishing feeling ever is when and investigator comes to church! Brigitte came to church on Sunday and I literally got so excited! I felt so fulfilling as a missionary! To see the growth in Investigators is honestly the best feeling ever! I just have those times where I just say I love being a missionary! It makes me feel so good about myself that I am helping others and seeing the progression that comes from it!!

I know without a doubt that this church is true, I have seen the beautiful effects of it as a servant of the Lord, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Den Haag and be workign with the people that I am! I love this work and the Restored Gospel!
I hope everyone is doign well at home and has a great week! I will talk to you all soon!

Love you all!! Tot Ziens!!


Elder Noah Morey

Last Day with Elder Bruneau

Oude Kerk in Delft!

African FUFU!!

Elder Knaupp My New Companion