Monday, April 25, 2016

Ik ga naar Hengelo!

Well everyone Goedemiddag! This email is going to be super short so I apologize now! This week was pretty crazy, we got transfer calls Sunday and I will be going to the city of Hengelo with Elder Prickett! So it was a little surprising but i am excited to serve the people of Hengelo! SO we will see how it will all go, I head over there tomorrow!

This week we spent a lot of our time doing some service for members which was good to build some member relations, we did have the chance to still work, but not as much as we would've liked to, we ended up meeting with our investigator Tony again and it went alright, we don't know if he will make anymore progress, but we still have hope!!

Well I will send a better email next week, hopefully a little more detailed what went on in the week, but I am smiling and having the time of my life here, so I couldn't ask for better! I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I will talk to you all soon!! 

Love you all!! Tot ziens!

Elder Noah Morey

Elder Prickett - New Companion!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Birthday Week/Blessings of the Temple!!!

Goedemorgen everyone!! Well this week was more than likely the best week I have ever had on my mission!! It was action packed and had a bunch of fun and spiritual experiences! Well I turned 19 on Friday, so thank you to all that wished me a happy birthday! Elder Le Duc and I had a good week of work, it was kinda a slow once again, but hey that is alright, just got to keep our heads up and keep working hard!

Well on Tuesday we had Temple Conference in Zoetermeer, and also we had the opportunity to go to Keukenhof (Garden of Europe), which you all have probably seen by the pictures I have sent. But first I want to talk about the blessings of the Temple. We truly are blessed to have temples upon the earth, we are so lucky to be able to participate in such sacred and special ordinances! It truly was amazing Tuesday to feel the spirit in the Temple, it truly was needed for me to be there at that time! The apostles are always telling us how important and privileged we are to have such blessings upon the earth, I am one of those people that are truly grateful for how much the temple has blessed me in my life and also on my mission!

On Wednesday and Thursday we spent the majority of our time going to do Lamb of God look ups, the Lamb of God was a DVD campaign that our mission did and it is exploding! We as a mission have received over 2000 referrals! so we spent a lot of our time doing that. On Thursday we did a Lamb of God look up in a city called Holten, we did our look up but they were unfortunately not home.. so we decided to knock around the area. As we knocked for a little, we were just getting door after door slammed on us.. but we went to this next door and this adorable old lady comes out and asks us who we are, so we tell her who we were and that we were here to share a book with her. She gladly took the Book Of Mormon and we had a great lesson with her and how she has been searching her whole life for god and how she has been searching for the truth, it was amazing to see the testimony that she had, it truly was heart warming! We have a appointment with her next week!

For the rest of the week on Saturday was our P-day and we went up to Groningen to play in a volleyball tournament that was done by the church here in the Netherlands and Belgium, we unfortunately took 5th out of our pool.. but hey it was super fun and I got a good workout!;) Sunday we taught a lesson to our Investigator Tony, he has an amazing understanding of the gospel, we just have to help him with his addictions that he has, but it is super cool to see the difference the Spirit makes on him. You can see the difference very clearly when we teach and he asks us questions that just invite the spirit, I am so grateful that we have the spirit! It truly makes miracles come to life! Without it, missionary work would be impossible! I am so grateful for all the blessings that we see as missionaries and the miracles that can come from it! I love you all and hope you have a great week! and Remember WE BUILD THE KINGDOM!! Tot ziens! 

Love Elder Morey

Gotta Love the Birthday Selfie!!
Some Birthday Ice Cream!! Shout Out to Aunt Jenny!!

Chillin with My Boys at Keukenhof (Garden of Europe)!!  
Elder Parr, Elder Hosea...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Exchanges on Exchanges!

Goedemiddag everyone! Well this week was a pretty hectic crazy one for the Deventer Elders! We ended up having a not to bad of a week, we still are looking to bump up our number of lessons and hopefully be teaching some more investigators, but I will start out telling you about this week and how good it was!

Well Elder Le duc and I spent a lot of time on Exchanges this week with the other district members, which includes the cities of Hengelo, Enschede, and Apeldoorn. Needless to say we were very tired by the end of the week! But I had some really awesome experiences during these exchanges! One of them was with the Zone Leaders in Apeldoorn!

First off I spent the day with Elder Parr! He is a super good missionary and knows what he is doing for sure! So him and I step out the door at like 11 in the morning and we see the first person we are going to contact and she is just walking her dog and cat. yes literally her cat also. But she ended up being super positive, we then did a look up and taught this guy on the door about the restoration, it was super cool to see what can happen within an hour!

We then later in the day taught also 4 more lessons on the door and found 6 potentials for the Zone Leaders! I one was just baffled because I wish Deventer would be that successful, but also it was super cool to see how Elder Parr turned these door contacts into teaching them a quick Restoration on the Door!! It blew my mind and I left that day just excited to begin asking more inspired questions to people and teaching them the simple Restored Truths of the Gospel!

Elder Le duc and I went home after those exchanges and walked into our apartment and saw that there were four dead fishes(big ones) in our bathroom and kitchen and one also in my bed.. low and behold the Zone Leaders pranked us... so let the prank war begin..;) haha so that explains a good point of our week!

In all seriousness though, it is so cool to see prepared people receive the restored gospel, I enjoy teaching it to everyone when they give us the time of day! It is an amazing feeling to be a missionary and the blessings that come from it are indescribable!

It is crazy to think also that I will be turning 19.. felt like yesterday I was just getting my drivers license! I am truly grateful for the time the lord has given me to be a servant of him! I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! Tot Ziens!!

Elder Noah Morey

Also found a gigantic tennis racket!
A gigantic pink fiets, thought it went great with my helmet!

Hiding from the rain with Elder Parr on Exchanges in Apeldoorn!

Exchanges with Elder Turner, He is a Canadian!

Exchanges in Hengelo with Elder Prickett!

Gotta love some classy bowling in the Netherlands!

I love serving in the Netherlands!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Week!

Goedemorgen everyone! Well this week was a hard one in Deventer, but it also was good because of General Conference!! I really hope everyone got the chance to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles! We truly are blessed to have restored keys back on Earth and have the chance to hear from these servants of the Lord!

Alrighty, well this week like I said for Deventer was a little rough, Elder Le Duc and I didn't teach that much like we wanted to, but it is okay, We actually had a bunch of appointments set, but when we looked up where they live, they wouldn't be in Deventer, they would actually be in the city of Apeldoorn, so we gave referrals to the Zone Leaders this week! We did get the opportunity though to go and teach a guy that was a former. He actually met with the Elders back in 2012 and also reads all the time in the Liahona and has like 5 sets of Scriptures! so that was super crazy to see, so we then had a long discussion and lesson over how he can overcome all that he is going through, and accept the Savior's invitation to be baptized, and he accepted! SO that truly was a miracle for us!
We also had the chance this week to do a blitz in the city of Arnhem, they had so many referral that they need some help to contact all of them! SO Elder Garcia(A Fremont native) and I went and looked up our referral! It was super cool to see all the people that we contacted were fairly interested and wanted us to come back! oh and also I almost got in a fight with some dutch kids! That was interesting! But at the end of the day Elder Garcia and I looked up one last referral, and she was an old Dutch lady that had so many good questions and was just looking for the right church for her! I was so excited to hear this lady and Elder Garcia and I just gave her a quick Restoration and told her that she could have a great feeling at church and that it can and will be a good experience for her if she went! It was a really awesome experience for the two of us!

Well this week was sure nice with the beautiful spring weather on its way and being able to listen to the prophet and Apostles, it truly was an amazing week, I invite you all to act upon the words that were said at conference, they received revelation for a people that is in dire need of the Lord's help! Help the Lord keep his promises and go and do, if we take heed to his council we will surely be blessed! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Tot Ziens! (Alma 37: 36-37)

Love Elder Morey! 

The Beautiful City of Zutphen Again!
Elder Le Duc and I in Zutphen
Conference and Dinner with the Hills and Their Family!
Elder Garcia and I on Exchanges in Arnhem!
He is a Fremont Native!

Elder Garcia petting and feeding some Sheep