Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 3 ik ben DL!!!!

I've just hit my anniversary of my halfway point in the MTC! Never been so happy in my life!! But all the other elders say it's downhill from here and it's going to feel like an eternity! So im not excited for that very much! Well Elder Fawson is off to Samoa! didn't really get to say goodbye to him but hey thats alright! It was so cool seeing him in the mission! I cant wait till i'm in the field!

So sundays are like my favorite days in the MTC! sacrament is so cool! and especially this one this week! We shipped off four danes! (Denmark missionaries) and they bared their testimonies and it was so sweet! and then brother Parkes in our branch presidency gave a talk on like how lord of the rings is like our mission! was the best talk I've ever heard in my life! It was amazing! changed my outlook on lord of the rings!

So the reason my subject says ik ben DL, means that I am the district leader now for the last three weeks while we are in the MTC! and by the way did you guys understand my testimony in Dutch?!?! but being district leader is really cool and will help me in the field because I will more than likely become a district leader sometime in the Mission field!

Another cool thing that happened this week was we have this thing called TRC and its where you teach fake investigators and they are actually members and they speak in your language! and me and elder croft taught a family from Belgie! It was so flippin cool! didn't understand them at most parts because they were speaking flemish! but it was so cool and the european clothes they were wearing were so sick!

Mom dont kill me but.. um.. I kind of possibly need new gray pants for my light gray suit.. the six pounds i have gained aren't helping me fit into these pants.. so if there is any way I could just get a pair, I would love you forever! and also thank you for the packages you sent! they are lifesavers!

Went to the temple today and did Initiatories and I just love the blessings that are promised from when you do them! Always just stop and think of those blessings! So if you can't tell, I want to leave the MTC so bad and just want to get into the field!! but I know if I went right now i would pee my pants and it would take a while to get in the groove of things! 

Later this week me and elder croft watch the restoration video and just balled our eyes out and he never cries! I'm so thankful for joseph smith and his decision just to do as james directed and to ask of god, that simple pray not only changed his life, it changed mine. I'm also grateful for the song Praise To The Man. It is so powerful and the spirit is so strong when I sing it! ik dankbaar voor het evangelie van jezus Christus, It blesses me every day through my faith and hard work and my devotion to the lord! I'm grateful to have the representative of christ stitched in my heart and will for ever bear that witness that this church is true and that Jesus is the christ and he did atone for our sins so that we will have the ability to return with our families and heavenly father one day, het heilsplan is heel belangrijk voor gods kinderen. ik daankbaar voor mijn familie and het evangeilie in de naam van jezus christus amen.

talk to you guys soon Love you!!

Elder Noah Morey

Elder Croft It's time to get up!!!!!

Mom I want more HiChews Please!!!

Britton's Cousin Elder Smith

Ugly Tie Day
It's Beautiful

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week Two and Striving

Wise man Elder Prickett is massaging my back while I wrote this email by the way!! Hallo!! Well 2 weeks down! Its so crazy how fast time flies while you are here! It really is a true statement when your days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days! Its such a true statement! But I love every second of it! I love how much I've learned just in 2 weeks!

It blows my mind how the gift of tongues and the language of the spirit come so quickly!! I'm truly blessed beyond measure. The MTC like everyone says is a lot of repetition. Do the same schedule everyday all day! But I still love every second of it!

So my songs that I listen to during my study is glorious by David archileta which is off of Meet The Mormons, such a great song and movie! and also Homeward Bound! by the MoTab! it is such a powerful song! Don't have mom listen to it though, she will cry!! I've also grown to love the powerful message of Mormon Messages! Our District loves to watch them before we get started with a meeting or something!

So we have officially baptized our first investigator Kars! but of course he is fake1 and he is now our teacher so that is really funny! His real name is broeder Bonney! he is so awesome! and he just came off his mission from the Nederlands! So deze Dinsdag! wij hebben a teacher named broeder Norton, He has changed my life and my perspective of my mission. He not only taught the language in a way that made it really easy to learn for me and teach, but he taught me how to rely on the Spirit! The Spirit was just so strong while he taught and how we need to forget ourselves and let the Spirit be the Teacher and just be that instrument in the Lords hands so that we can help others come unto Christ! I will never forget that day!

Brother Ellis is part of the Branch Presidency and he taught us twice this week in sacrament meeting and on Tuesday during our devotional! He has such a great perspective on the gospel and i just learn so much from him! He just makes me want to be a better teacher and missionary!!

Ik heb en getuigenis over het evangelie van Jezus Christus, ik veet dat Jezus Christus voor ons stierf en leed. ik geloof in Jezus Christus en zijn verzoening. Ik veet dat God en Jezus Christus verschijnen tot Joesph Smith, en door Joesph Smith hij herstelde evangelie van jezus christus voor ons. Ik beloof dat God houdt van ons. en beloof dat het boek van mormon en de bijbel is de woord van God. in derde Nephi hoofdstuk vijf vers dertien "Zie, ik ben een discipel van Jezus Christus, de Zoon van God. Ik ben door Hem Geroepen om zijn woord onder zijn volk te verkondigen, opdat zij het eeuwige leven zullen hebben.' Ik veet dat de ker van Jezus Christus van de heiligen der laatste dagen is de waarheid!! in de naam van jezus christus ons de heiland amen.

I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe that Jesus Christ died for us and suffered. I believe in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I believe that God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joesph Smith, and by Joesph Smith he restored gospel of Jesus Christ for us. I promise God loves us and promise that the book of Mormon and the Bible is the word of God. In Third Nephi chapter five verse thirteen "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am Called by him to declare his word among his people, that they might have eternal life." I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the truth !! In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior Amen.

Thanks for everything you do for me!! talk to you guys soon!
ik houdt van u!!! I Love You!!!


Elder Noah Morey

The Boys

Elder Higham from Canada

Studying Hard
Elder McBride

Elder McBride's Drawing

Look Who I found Yesterday getting dropped off!!! CARSON


Elder Fisher

Elder Croft and I at the Temple

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Week!!!!

Hallo!! well this week has been just flat out amazing!! I've learned so much in this past week! I don't even know where to start! Well my companion in the pictures is Elder Croft! He is 19 and did a year at BYU! We get along so well with each other and have so much in common! So im very lucky! The language is coming along so good! We have been teaching Kars for the past week and it's going great! I know how to say so much and it just blows my mind that I've only been here a week! Just can't wait to get out in the field!

The spirit that is here is just outstanding! I've learned that the Spirit is always with us no matter what. I've learned that the spirit teaches not me, im just the instrument in the lord's hand for him to convert whoever we come in contact with! The power of this gospel is so amazing and just makes me want to everyone possible, because when you feel the Spirit it just hits you so hard and confirms to you that this is the true Church. Our branch president is President Seamons! On Sunday we watched a video from Elder Bednar that is only shown in the MTC, it was the most powerful and meaningful talk I've ever heard in my life. It just gave me that huge boost of confidence that I have a great purpose for me! It was exactly what I needed to hear this week! you quickly find your purpose here! on July 8th, 24 ELders came into the MTC for our mission! My District is such and an amazing group of missionaries! it Consists of Elder Morey and Elder Croft from BYU, Elder McBride from Seattle and Elder Christianson from Provo(like a block away from the MTC ahaha, Elder Williams from Mapleton and Wise man Elder Prickett from Sandy, Elder Stevenson from St. George and Elder Howard from Texas, 6'8 Elder Knaupp from Portland and Elder Gleave from South Jordan, my boy from Canada Elder Higham and Elder Troumbley Preston Idaho!! Love everyone of this guys!!!! and I never really get to see Tfaw at all! maybe once a week! it sucks! he is so mature now!! ahahah!

SO you know how everyone says the food at the MTC is the best. Well they lied. It gives you straight diarrhea for a week and it's terrible.. SOme of the food is really good, but I know i'm going to gain so much weight!! ugh! But all the dessert and stuff is really good of course! so I'm just going to enjoy every second of it!

So here comes the part which is crazy... so there is a thing called Magic Tuesday your first week for our mission.. so when I thought that all my visa stuff is done and i'm ready to go! well it wasn't over, we all got called into the nurse office and we had to get another blood test!!!!!!!! UGGGGHHHHH!!!! but wait its not over.. we had to give a stool sample... yeah we had to POOP IN A CUP. not even kidding you.. Belgium requires that we do this.. it was funny and terrible at the same time.. it was a very humbling experience for sure!!! hahhaha!!! so that's a story.

Besides all of my amazing stories I'm having such an amazing time here and having the best time and learning so much everyday and just speaking the language as good as I can! Mom I have a smile on my face everyday doing the Lord's work just to let you know! Ik ben ELder Morey van de kerk van jezus christus van de heiligen der laatste dagen! ik weet dat jezus is de Heiland! ik weet dat de kerk waar is,ik weet dat het boek van mormon is de waarheid, ik leifde mijn familie! Talk to all of you soon! TOT ZIENS!!!

Translated - I am Elder Morey of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ! I know that Jesus is the Savior ! I know the Church is true , I know that the Book of Mormon is true , I love my family ! Talk to all of you soon ! BYE!!!

Me and Elder Croft

Learning Dutch

The Fish Bowl

Where we live

Our Zone

Found Elder Corey before he heads out to Indonesia

Look who I found Elder Chugg!!!!

Elder Kanupp 6'8"


Elder Noah Morey

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We survived the MTC drop off!!!!

It sounds kind of weird, but it was wonderful! We have such peace and gratitude in our hearts at this moment for this journey he is about to begin. How can we truly be sad when this is something we have worked for and prayed for every day over the last 18 years? Noah is prepared and ready to get to work!!!  I realized too that we have done all we can and now he is under the Lord's watchful care. Such comfort in the knowledge that Heavenly Father loves him just as much as we do and even more perfectly. I am sure our faith will be tested, but right now....our joy is full! Go to work Elder Morey and enjoy every minute of the next two years! We love you and are so excited to experience this remarkable journey together!