Monday, May 8, 2017

Last Transfer..

Goedemiddag everyone!! Well it is unbelieveable to think that I am on my last transfer.. I literally have about 5 weeks left of my mission.. I honestly feel like everyone is lying to me and that it is a joke that I am going home. But in all reality it is real haha!

This week was a really good one for us here in Assen! It was transfer week so it honestly just felt like a drag, but it still was very eventful and accomplishing.

First off I would like to tell you all a great story/experience we had with Gaby this week. So we had a lesson with her on Tuesday with Thies De Jonge. And when we got to her house, her boyfriend Felix was there and has sparked some interest as well. We taught them the Restoration and they took it very well and both were willing to pray about the Book of Mormon and to find out if this truly is Christ´s Church on Earth. Gaby ended up giving the closing prayer for the lesson and it was super sincere and I know that if they continue to investigate with a sincere heart that God will answer there prayers. Gaby ended up also coming to church, so she continues to follow up on our commitments and we have another appointment with them on Wednesday! OH and also She has saved up 2 years of Tithing. UNBELIEVABLE!! She has such a strong testimony of tithing which is mind blowing to me! SUPER COOL!!

We had the chance through the week to go and contact some referrals that we have gotten from the Easter Campaign. We ended up traveling to a place called Haulerwijk in Friesland. We had two referrals out there that we had to contact. We contacted the first one and he wasn't home, but his brother was, so maybe he will call us. But the second one was a very nice lady that was interested and said we could come back next week and share our message. So that was a nice miracle for us and hopefully she will be more interested going further!

Well I would like to also give a shoutout to my mother and mother figures in my life, I wish you all a happy mothers day and I love you all and am forever thankful for what you have done to make me who I am today and the influence you´ve had on me!

I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon! TOT ZIENS!!

LOVE Elder Noah Morey

Eating Some Sushi with the District!!!!
Elder Young and I in the Groningen Centrum

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