Monday, May 15, 2017

The Lord Blesses His Servants Efforts..

I hope you all had a great week this week. Mine was good, no too much happened with us unfortunately, but hopefully next week will be better! We still had some good lessons and things happen to us, but nothing to exciting weet je?

Well this week we had the opportunity to meet with Grietje. She has been Investigating for some time now and has been struggling a little bit with the concept of God giving her trials and wondering why she has it so rough sometimes. On Tuesday we went over and shared a lesson with her about Peace. And how our Savior is there for us to offer Peace in our lives. We related this to the story of when Christ was asleep on the boat with the Apostles. You all know the story of how there was a huge storm and the Apostles knew that they were going to perish. So they turned to the Savior, Jesus Christ and he immediately woke up and calmed the storm. That is exactly how and what we need to do when we are in search of Peace in our lives, when we are in the boat(our lives) and we are getting tossed and turned by the waves of all these trials and hard times. But one thing we know for sure is, is that we always have the Savior in our boat. He will always be there for us in the time of need and Peace. All we have to do is turn to him and ask for his help and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will embrace us with the Loving Peace he always has to offer.
It was a really good lesson with Grietje and she seemed to really take it and apply it, or at least think about it a little more how she can have that for herself!

We also had the chance to meet with Gaby again this week on Wednesday. We had a super good lesson about the Priesthood and how it is restored upon the Earth. We also answered some questions she had, which she has a lot of. I always feel the Spirit when we teach her, she always is intensive and always is willing to accept anything we teach her! She always shares her experiences with us as well and that is nice to know about! So things are going amazing with her, we have another lesson lined up on Wednesday!

It was super nice to talk to the family on Sunday and it is crazy to think that the next time I will see them is in 4 weeks! I hope and pray that I can continue to keep working hard and not getting too Trunky(Which is nearly impossible sometimes..) I love you all and will talk to you soon! Tot Ziens!

Love Elder Noah Morey

Grandma & Grandpa Morey's Neighbors the Van Komen's
 who served in Noah's Mission met Noah at Church Sunday!!!!

Groningen is really pretty!

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